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COINCHAT Exchange Launch Notice

Hey, guys!❤️Finally, we have our COINCHAT Exchange online. After a period of internal testing, today, we expect to let 10% of our users to use the exchange function first. We will open it to all users after running steadily.💙 The biggest convenience from the exchange is that you can use the CCC and CCG to exchange ETH. ETH can also be used to purchase CCC and CCG.💜 If you are lucky to...
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How to withdraw CCC and CCG digital tokens to your wallet

2月3日 15:36
After we opened the withdrawal of digital tokens CCC and CCG as scheduled on January 31, we have received many questions about how to store digital tokens CCC and CCG in the wallet. We have collected some useful knowledge, hoping this could help you use the wallet to store CCC and CCG.💖Basic Information:Both CCC and CCG are digital tokens based on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol.💚CCCHttps://ethers...
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CCC Exchange Online Notice

1月31日 17:24
Hi, guys! Thank you for your patient waiting.Here is a big news for you!💖Our exchange has come out for testing today!The testing period will last 14days, after that, the formal version will be finally online.From now on, you can withdraw your CCC and CCG in Coinchat.For the dear users who are always accompanying and encouraging us, we decided to reduce half of the withdraw charge from this new s...
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1月25日 18:01
Hi guys.We are glad that the COINCHAT's related products finally came out !! That including T-shirts, stickers and badges.👏👏If you also want to get these relate products, please browse the article to the end.The first feedback came from the lucky COINCHAT admins. The COINCHAT team appreciates your support and encouragement, especially the lovely admins who have helped us a lot.Let's take a loo...
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Introduction of CCG

1月24日 16:14
We've always wanted to explore a mode to increase the benefits of our community users, keep the community growing, and allow early users and active users to get more out of it.We decided to share 80% of the benefits in games and other projects with our community users. In this process, we originally considered to share revenue by percentage of holding CCC. But, because of large number of CCC c...
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Coinchat project 1.7-1.11 weekly review

1月15日 10:58
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TREE HOLE function notice

1月14日 11:18
Hi guys!👏👏The COINCHAT team is currently working hard on our developing process. It is expected that the next important feature TREE HOLE will come out before next Friday. It will be more convenient to meet strangers and become friends then. When we developed the TREE HOLE, it was slightly delayed. It is expected that the official version released on 10th January. We will release a small test...
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Description of CCC coins

1月14日 11:17
In December we received feedback from many users, the majority is 2 questions.Q:How can I withdraw CCC coins and can CCC coins be traded?A:We need to conduct code auditingof CCC, and after the COINCHATExchangecome out,we will officially open the CCC withdrawal function.Estimated time, we expect to be around30thJanuary, there may be a slight delay, because the tree hole function has a little dela...
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Coinchat project 12.31-1.4 weekly review

1月8日 13:26
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For all admins - How do I delete an ad message and remove user?

1月4日 12:57
📢📢As a group admin, in order to ensure a safe & pleasant chat environment within the group,Coinchat opened a special function for the group admin :"Delete this user 24h chat messages""Kick him out of the group"These two special function for admins will be better to manage the Coinchat group chat.🎉🎉Methods are as follows :When you find that the user is sending ad messages in the group.1.A s...
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Coinchat project 12.24-12.28 weekly review

1月3日 20:15
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Coinchat Updates and New Features

2018年12月19日 21:39
Sorry guys. I haven't written any thinking of our team for a long time because of so much developing work.I would like to share something new about Coinchat.1.So lucky are we that we have lots of users from Indonesia! Thank you for your sharing. We heard about lots of Coinchat messages are mentioned on their Facebook and Twitters.Thanks, guys. We promise we will have an "Indonesian Language V...
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How to become a influencer on Coinchat to earn money?

2018年12月14日 13:11
✌️✌️✌️Guys !! Here can creat your own public account on Coinchat !!Write articles and you will get paid with BTC,ETH or CCC by your followers !!Became a influencer on Coinchat and have fun !!💗💗💗1.Open the Coinchat offical website find the "Coinchat Public Accounts".2.Slide to the bottom of the page find "Create a new Coinchat Pubilc Account".3.And complete the info of your account !Ta-...
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Coinchat project 12.3-12.7 weekly review

2018年12月12日 19:21
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About Invite Bonus Promotion

2018年12月10日 21:26
Hey,Thanks for joining coinchat。Our team is busy about the growing users。Last Week, We doing a lot of things to impove our servers。Hope more and more stable services in the future.But we did have a lot of problems , last week we almost have shutdown our severs for nearly 8 hours. but now we finished the updating of our servers.More important. we have more than 108 countrys users now. We dicid...
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COINCHAT FAQ and the way of earn money on COINCHAT

2018年12月8日 00:38
Where is the red envelope/transfer received in Coinchat?Click on "Wallet" in the bottom. All red packets and transfer records you received in Coinchat will be displayed in "Online Wallet".aHow do I get a Coinchat invitation code?1.Click on "Contact" in the bottom, find "Invite Friends" and click, Coinchat will automatically generate an invitation code for you, save and send to invite friends.2.Cli...
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2018年11月27日 18:25
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2018年11月20日 19:42
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2018年11月13日 10:07
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2018年11月6日 13:39
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