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Winners of “Tell me about your love stories.” challenge

今天09:29 this challengeBased on the 6th rule of this challenge, we will publicize the winners of this event now.April 12th until 6PM,April 23th(UTC/GMT+08:00).6.Before the official award, we will announce the results of the award, and the publicity period will last for one day.The results are as follows.The first prize@yayaThe 2-5 prize@Tatu тhE fдмilч'$@Fredy☄...
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Inviting activity rankings

昨天15:45 this inviting activity (Round 2) .Based on the rule of this activity👇👇And the friend you invited needs to complete a deposit(ETH,BTC,USDT) ,after it counts as a quota.We will announce the rankings invited from April 12th to today.(UTC/GMT+08:00)The activity is still going oninvite more friendslet them deposityou still have the chance to get 1eth!Coinch...
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An introduction of Coinchat active level

4月19日 15:18
We have launched the active level in Coinchat, the longer time you are active, the higher level you get.Active level:The user will be marked 1 day active by 1440 minutes active on Coinchat.level 1 at firstActive 1 day, upgrade to level 2Active another 2 days, upgrade to level 3.Active another 3 days, upgrade to level 4....And so on.Example:Icon corresponding to the active level:1 star = level 11 m...
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The announcement of CCG destruction (the 3rd week of April 2019)

4月19日 14:02
This is our 3rd week after beginning CCG destruction.1. CCG/ETHIn this week, we have repurchased 61249 CCGs, which cost 0.5154 ETH, the average price is 0.000008415 CCG/ETH.The destruction transaction HASH of this repurchase is: CCG/USDTIn this week, we have repurchased 5460 CCGs, which cost 0.8371 USDT, th...
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Some notes on profit sharing of holding CCGs

4月17日 16:30
In order to clarify the rules for CCG holders obtain profits and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we have made some detailed explanations on the rules of CCG's profit sharing. If you are holding CCGs and haven't get profit, please refer to the following situation. As the CCG profit distribution will be based on hourly snapshots, the following circumstances may cause the amount of the distribut...
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Tell me about your love stories.(Tree-hole event round 4.) 0.1-0.05eth !!

4月16日 11:11
Tree Hole Activity Round 4aDear users, we are holding "Tell me about your love stories." in the tree hole.Winners can get eth rewards ranging from 0.1 to 0.05!!!🙌🙌If you are interested, please continue to read some rules.aTell me about your love stories.1. In “TreeHole” – “fall in love” Channel, you can publish the posts of your own love stories or the most beautiful love story you hav...
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Instructions for user’s question about CCG distribution

4月15日 18:51
Recently, some users have questioned the CCG distribution rules.We have investigated this and confirmed that there is no problem in the calculation of CCG distribution.The user's question is that he holds 36k+ CCG.On April 13th, Fairdice had a large profit. According to the published data of how much per million CCG profit , the user should get about 0.026 ETH. But In fact, the user only got 0.000...
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1ETH waiting for you to WIN !! (Round 2)

4月13日 13:11
With the gradual perfection of COINCHAT, we have realized a series of functions for BTC such as transaction, payment, gaming, red packet and wallet within COINCHAT.aIf you like the services provided by COINCHAT, you can now join our inviting for reward activity (Round 2) now.💝💝Requirement:During April 12-- 6PM,April 26 (UTC/GMT+08:00)The number of new registered friends you invite.And the frie...
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The announcement of CCG destruction (the 2nd week of April 2019)

4月11日 21:12
This is our second week after beginning CCG destruction. In this week, we have repurchased 60759 CCGs, which cost 0.7254 ETH, the average price is 0.00001193 CCG/ETH.The destruction transaction HASH of this repurchase is: have already begun the repurchase work of USDT this week. So we will show the CCG/USDT...
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Winners of "1ETH invitation event" !!!

4月11日 19:57 this 1ETH invitation event.Till 6PM. April 11, 2019(UTC/GMT+08:00)The list of winners to invite friends is as follows:No.1——1 ETHNo.2~9——0.1 ETHGood job !!👍👍The above winners pay attention to check the rewards please.The reward method will be transferred directly to your coinchat wallet.Pay attention to check your wallet balance.🙏🙏
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Winners of “secrets” challenge

4月11日 18:55 this challengeThe first prize@KrishaThe 2-5 prize@X-VII-MCMXCV@sekai@Lisna S@Nadia
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Announcement of stopping rumors

4月10日 19:46
Recently, some unfriendly people who maliciously spread rumors appeared in many groups. They have spread some kinds of rumors such as "Coinchat will bankrupt soon" or "Coinchat is about to close down", which aim is to cause users' panic. We are here officially inform you that what they said is totally NOT true, please don't believe them.Coinchat is working fine at present, we have a steady amount ...
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The announcement of CCG destruction (the 1st week of April 2019)

4月4日 20:34
We officially started the repurchase and destruction of CCG last Friday. The repurchase was initiated by our robots at the trading center. Up to today, we have repurchased 44595.43 CCGs, which cost 0.81 ETH.We will soon open the CCG/BTC trading pair, and begin the profit repurchase of BTC and USDT. The USDT repurchase work will also be launched later at the same time with the BTC repurchase code.D...
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Share your deeply secrets with strangers. 0.1-0.05eth !!

4月4日 13:07
Tree Hole Activity Round 3Dear users, we are holding "Share your deeply secrets with strangers" in the tree hole.Winners can get eth rewards ranging from 0.1 to 0.05!!!🙌🙌If you are interested, please continue to read some rules.Share your deeply secrets with strangers.1. In “TreeHole” – “Secert” Channel, you can publish the posts of your own deeply secrets.The posts of secerts that you...
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Winners of “soulmate” challenge

4月2日 12:26
The first prize@Nishi SandraThe 2-5 prize@Morteza.Traveller@Hossein doostan@Tun@norraDon't change your tree hole nickname before you receive the reward! So that your rewards will not be taken away by others.The above users joined this group and prove your treehole nickname(screenshots from your own tree hole page)and i will send the reward to winners!
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The USDT launch announcement

4月1日 17:19
COINCHAT has officially supported USDT. Now you can deposit and withdraw USDT currency. We will launch USDT trading and game functions within today.About the opening of the USDT transactionWe expect to open the following 4 trading pairs:BTC/USDTETH/USDTCCG/USDTCCC/USDTAbout USDT's game supportWe will support USDT games in Fairdice, and USDT will also be included in CCG mining.1. While playing game...
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Rules change of 1ETH invitation event !!!

3月29日 17:15
Dear all Coinchat users :If you have already read and participated in this Facebook invitation friend event,🙏🙏 pay attention to the following new rules!Based on the invitation data in there days,till this Friday afternoon, none of participant has successfully invited 5 or more Facebook friends.Considering that the reward can be successfully sent to th...
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The notice of CCG mining rules revision

3月28日 22:53
After this week's publicity and feedback received, the rules of CCG revision has been supported. Therefore, we will use the new mining rules.1. From 80% of the daily game profit to all CCG holders, change to 60% will be returned directly to CCG holders, and 20% will be used to repurchase CCGs on the exchange and destroy them.2. Calculate the CCG mining price change, because a few users have malici...
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Are you my soulmate ? 0.1-0.05eth !!

3月26日 17:12
Tree Hole Activity Round 2Dear users, we are holding "Are you my soulmate?" in the tree hole.Winners can get eth rewards ranging from 0.1 to 0.05!!!🙌🙌If you are interested, please continue to read some rules.Are you my soulmate?1. In “TreeHole” – “Seek flirtation” Channel, you can publish friend-wanting posts. The posts have no content or gender limitation, you can post anything from a...
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How to bind with the Facebook

3月26日 14:31👍👍Click this link learn more details about the inviting for reward activity.Upgrade your version“COINCHAT FACEBOOK” function is on version the “contracts”--“Facebook friends”2.Click the “ Link the Facebook”3.Entry your account4.When you done coinchat will show a botton to help you to invite more friends on facebook5.Coinchat will generat...
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